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Book of the Month

? What’s a Gruffalo?” the mouse would go on to describe the terrible creature “a Gruffalo why didn’t you know, he has terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws” and his favourite food happens to be the relevant animal. But as the mouse strolls onwards through the woods, his luck for a moment seems to run out when he comes face to face with the terrible creature of his imagination “it’s a Gruffalo!” but once again the little brown mouse manages to escape danger, convincing the Gruffalo that he is the scariest creature in the wood, and the Gruffalo flees in fear. And as quiet returns to the deep, dark wood, mouse finally finds a nut and the nut was good.  -  I do hope that you all enjoy this wonderful story as much as I do,

 Elysha Punnett (Abacus Nursery key person)

At Abacus nursery there are many stories that we enjoy listening to and reading, but the book we would like to recommend for children ‘The Gruffalo’. A classic, award winning story written by Julia Donaldson, and beautifully illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

“A mouse took a stroll in the deep dark wood …” The story of ‘The Gruffalo’ is a magical tale about a mouse who takes a walk through the woods in search of a nut, but on his journey he come across three woodland creatures - a fox, an owl and a snake, who all wish to eat him, but the cunning little mouse creates a mythical creature called ‘the Gruffalo’, and that he is on his way to dine with him but fox, owl and snake did not know of a Gruffalo “a Gruffalo?